Yebo Means Yes!

Yebo is a Zulu/Swati word translated “yes.” Yebo is a versatile word used during greetings. In South Africa and Swaziland, this word is a must! In the same way, bow ties are a versatile part of your greeting and, for anyone looking to dress sharp, a bow tie is a must!
YEBO TIES are inspired by the culture, colors and landscapes of Southern Africa. Much more than accessories, YEBO TIES are wearable art. Every YEBO TIE is unique, hand crafted from salvaged wood. The colorful fabrics are upcycled off-cuts from a Congolese seamstress. Woodwork with a story.

Style Options

Standard Designs - $20 Each

Custom Drawings - $30 Each

Custom/Wavy Ties - $25 Each

Hair Bows - $15 Each

Kids Sizes - $15 Each

How to Order

Please direct orders to our email address at Ngiyabonga!

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